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Stories from the Museum Collection

From Slave to "Self-Taught Genius": Joshua Johnson at the Maryland Center for History and Culture

Often considered the first professional African American artist, Joshua Johnson was a freed slave who achieved a remarkable degree of success as a portraitist in his lifetime by painting affluent patrons in his native Baltimore.

Spinning the Fabric of a Nation: A Nineteenth-Century Spinning Wheel and Early Linen Production in Maryland

From getting dressed in the morning to curling up under a cozy blanket, we interact with fabrics every day. But how well do we really understand how those fabrics were made...

Buttons and Badges: Rediscovering the Museum's Political Ephemera Collection

In case you have not heard, we just held an election in the United States. Buttons, badges, hats, T-shirts, and […]


From the Deepest Corners of the Library

Baltimore’s Pursuit of Fair Housing: A Brief History

In this blog post Baltimore’s history of housing discrimination and the pursuit of fair housing is examined.

Losing Winter: New Participatory Exhibition Opening in July 2021

Lynn Cazabon, a Baltimore-based artist and professor, is the artist behind Losing Winter, an upcoming exhibition. Learn more about the participatory art project and sharing memories of winter.

The Victory Window: Hutzler’s Patriotism on Full Display

In this blog post, Library Associate Micah Connor delves into the latest window theme for the Hutzler’s Experience exhibition at […]