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Business Unusual at the Bethesda Co-Op

The following “Business Unusual” account is part of our new initiative, Collecting in Quarantine. With current mandates for all non-essential businesses to close, business is anything but usual in Maryland. In the Business Unusual series, MdHS is asking business employees, owners, customers, passers-by and neighborhood residents to visually share their experiences during the COVID-19 crisis.

Thursday, April 9, 2020 – On this day, Alice Makl from Bethesda shared the photo below:

In the weeks since the pandemic began to gain momentum, we’ve all had to adjust to a changing world. While many businesses have closed their doors, others, such as the Bethesda Co-Op Natural Food Market, have had to remain open out of necessity. To protect both the customers and staff, the market has been forced to institute more stringent rules to reflect the increased spread of the virus in Maryland. In addition to upholding social distancing guidelines, this store has placed signs outside the entrance that read, “No Gloves + No Mask = No Entry!” They have also limited the number of shoppers to one person per household at a time in the store.

Entrance to the Bethesda Co-OP
Photo courtesy of Alice Makl

Please note: The views, information, and opinions expressed and shared on the underbelly through the Collecting in Quarantine project do not necessarily represent those of the Maryland Historical Society. Our staff does not verify for accuracy the information contained within these submissions. We also do not edit the content beyond minor modifications for formatting or to remove personally identifying information, if applicable. The primary purpose of this series, with the permission of contributors, is to share and collect the experiences of Marylanders living through quarantine at this moment in time.

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