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Self-Care Meditation Series, May 17-21

Meditation is the practice of focused attention on an image, sound, or feeling that can help quiet the mind and body. It can regulate emotions, lower pain and stress, ease depression and insomnia, create clearer awareness and insight, improve spirituality, compassion, and quality of life. 

In our current exhibition, Wild and Untamed: Dunton’s Discovery of the Baltimore Album Quilts, Dr. William Rush Dunton Jr. used the Baltimore album quilt tradition in his work as he developed the basic tenets of occupational therapy. Using the imagery of the Baltimore album quilts on view in Wild and Untamed, enjoy a series of guided meditations released each day during the week of May 17.

By registering, you will automatically receive a guided meditation directly to your Inbox each day starting on May 17 through May 21. Daily guided meditations can be practiced on your own time. 

Image: Baltimore album quilt, Mary Simon (1808-1877), made for Laura Horton, 1852. Maryland Center for History and Culture, Middendorf Purchase Fund, 1991.17.1