Aspect Ratio

They Live By Night: Noir by Kniesche

January 12th 2018

Photography needs light, right? Usually quite a lot, if you don't want your image to turn out blurry. Most of us have taken a photo of birthday candles being blown out only to capture streaks of light and a niece that looks startlingly like Edvard Munch's The Scream.


Photo by A. Aubrey Bodine

January 5th 2018

Stay warm and support your local coffee shop!


Happy Holidays!

December 21st 2017

Sun photographer Dick Childress caught a sleighless Santa on North Ave back in the late 1970s. Meanwhile, we're awed by Childress' telephoto lens' ability to compress North Ave to almost unrecognizable proportions.  


Happy Holidays: Baltimore edition

December 14th 2017

Sun photographer Dick Childress captured that late 1970s Baltimore holiday spirit.


Photos by Joseph Kohl: mysteries solved

November 22nd 2017

At the opening of Unscripted Moments: the Life and Photography of Joseph Kohl, individuals from all walks of life convened in MdHS’s new photograph and prints gallery. As anticipated, a few individuals from Kohl’s images were identified by attendees.


Photos by Joseph Kohl: the Story of Archer v. Abrams

November 17th 2017

What's going on here?


Photo by Joseph Kohl: Reptile House

November 8th 2017

A not-quite-tender tender moment of band-audience communion in Baltimore’s hardcore punk scene, this shot by Joseph Kohl was taken during a rowdy (but apparently democratic) set by the local group Reptile House.


Unscripted Moments: The Life & Photography of Joseph Kohl (1957–2002)

November 6th 2017

Four years. Five interns. Eighty-seven boxes. 55,000+ images. It's time to celebrate.


Photo Mysteries by Joseph Kohl: Solved.

October 20th 2017

Way back in 2013, underbelly readers helped us solve this photo mystery:


Rat Fishing in East Baltimore: Photos by Joseph Kohl

October 12th 2017

In honor of Theo Anthony’s amazing documentary ending its 5-week run at the Parkway Theater, we offer this remembrance of the events that (in part) inspired Rat Film.


Subject Vertical File: the JFX

October 6th 2017



Baltimore bands by Joseph Kohl

September 29th 2017

Recently our friends Greg Dohler and Cindy France lent us some amazing images for our upcoming exhibit, Unscripted Moments: The Life & Photography of Joseph Kohl. The opening for this show at MdHS will be on Thursday, November 9, 6:30pm–9pm, and it will feature DJ Landis Expandis. Stay tuned for…


Subject Vertical File: flooding

September 1st 2017


Jonestown Community Photo Documentation Project

August 14th 2017

In celebration of ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary “Baltimore Boys” which examines the Dunbar Poets basketball teams of 1981–1983, we present one of our favorite photographs from one of our favorite collections, the Jonestown Community Photo Documentation Project. Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues, probably the most famous player from the team, grew…


Photo Baltimore '77

August 4th 2017