Letters from the Homefront: ‘Beauty in the Time of COVID-19’

May 27th 2020

A contributor from Baltimore shares examples of joy and beauty in the daily routine.


Business Unusual Art Lesson

May 26th 2020

Art goes on in this time of Covid-19, as a MICA Alumni holds a small Social Distancing Art Lesson.


Letters from the Homefront: ‘A Freshman’s Guide to Quarantine’

May 22nd 2020

A high school student from Baltimore offers a concise guide on getting through such a tough time.


Business Unusual on Campus

May 21st 2020

In this Business Unusual post, Xanadu Botanicals & Design shares photos of the completely deserted University of Maryland, College Park campus.


Letters from the Homefront: Finding Ways to Cope

May 20th 2020

A contributor from Baltimore explains the different adjustments made for life under quarantine.


Business Unusual on Vacation

May 19th 2020

Donald Castronova shares a cartoon he created to cheer up his wife.


Letters from the Homefront: ‘My Self-Isolation Quarantine Diary’

May 18th 2020

A contributor gives a brief and humorous overview of their quarantine experience.


Business Unusual on the Front Lines

May 15th 2020

James Trudeau, photographer and frontline healthcare worker, captures some of the emptiness of the city due to COVID, along with interviews of residents.


Letters from the Homefront: No Stop to Volunteering

May 14th 2020

A contributor from Columbia shares how the act of volunteering has and hasn't changed during the pandemic.


Business Unusual for the Birthday Industry

May 13th 2020

The birthday industry, like many other businesses in Maryland during the pandemic, looks very different these days.


Letters from the Homefront: The Classroom Edition Part II

May 12th 2020

Elementary School students from across the state share the difficulties of shifting to life at home.


Business Unusual on the Playground

May 11th 2020

Empty school playgrounds have been the norm in spring 2020 due to the pandemic.


Letters from the Homefront: ‘Virtual Book Club Meeting’

May 6th 2020

A contributor from Columbia writes about making her book club safe during Covid-19.


Business Unusual at the Market

May 5th 2020

As our contributor from Hagerstown shares, grocery store outings have evolved, with masks now required, and one-way aisles and six-foot separations at the checkout line the norm.


Letters from the Homefront: Baltimore Views

May 4th 2020

A contributor from Baltimore shares the changes he has witnessed around the city.