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Items on display in the In Full Glory exhibition.
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In Full Glory Reflected

Maryland During the War of 1812

In Full Glory Reflected is Maryland’s largest display devoted to the War of 1812. The exhibition fills an entire gallery floor with a fascinating array of artifacts and documents, many donated by the Defenders of Baltimore themselves.

Explore Early Baltimore

See life in the early 19th century as you follow Baltimore’s evolution from a small, scenic village to a bustling boomtown. Clipper ships carry you from the Chesapeake to China as you discover the significance of maritime trade during this period. Watch as impressments, riots, and raids lead to war with Great Britain, and as war leads to battles like Bladensburg and North Point. Experience the disastrous surrender of the capital in Washington, and the heroic defense of Baltimore. Finally, learn how the War of 1812 has been and will be commemorated.

Treasures of the Collection

The exhibition features many important objects, including a mug known as the “Etting Cup,” circa 1814, owned by Samuel Etting and etched with images and names associated with the Battle of Baltimore; a canteen inscribed by Shipley Liester Jr. and used in the Battle of North Point on September 12, 1814; Rembrandt Peale’s portraits of Joshua Barney, George Armistead, and other Defenders of Baltimore; a photograph of the “Old Defenders of Baltimore in Druid Hill Park” by W. Ashman, circa 1876-1880; and a manuscript of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” written by Francis Scott Key at the Battle of Baltimore in 1814.

This exhibition is presented by Brown Advisory and Legg Mason.

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