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A photograph in the Indelible Ink exhibition.
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Indelible Ink

Discovered Stories of Famous People; Presented June 2018-June 2019

This 2017 exhibition granted visitors a rare glimpse into the collection of the H. Furlong Baldwin Library. Signatures and documents by internationally significant people from the collection were on display, highlighting the part Marylanders played in major historical moments.

A Peek into a Restricted Archive

Indelible Ink: Discovered Stories of Famous People displayed more than 1,400 autographs and documents penned by famous historical figures and housed within the collection at the Maryland Center for History and Culture. Marylanders have played integral roles in history, and the exhibition represented how they came into contact with movers and shakers along the way.

These flourishes and scribbles of celebrities—from monarchs, to artists, to politicians—are treasured pieces of MCHC’s rich collections. Documents and photographs dating from the earliest years of colonial Maryland to the 21st century were displayed.

Highlights included letters from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, Helen Keller, and even Queen Victoria.

Your History Lives Here

Since 1844, we have collected, preserved, and interpreted Maryland's diverse history, art, and culture. Visit and see it at the Maryland Center for History and Culture.

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