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Education Video Library

From the American Revolution to oysters and civil rights, the Maryland Center for History and Culture’s Education Department produces a wide range of educational material for release on Vimeo. Explore our videos below or visit our Vimeo Channel.

Ask a Historian Video Series

About the Series

This biweekly video series sought to answer the public’s most pressing questions about a variety of topics. Followers of the Maryland Center for History and Culture’s Facebook and Instagram pages were encouraged to submit questions to be answered by an Education Department staff member the following week.

What did women wear during the American Revolution? What are some big myths and misconceptions about the war? What weapons did American soldiers carry? Museum Learning Manager Alex Lothstein answers questions about the American Revolution. Originally posted May 19, 2020.

What role did Maryland play in the suffrage movement? Who are some notable African American women? Were there any witch trials in Maryland? Digital Learning Specialist Ashlee Anderson answers questions about American women’s history. Originally posted June 9, 2020.

What was the civil rights movement like in Maryland? What legislation helped to shape it? Director of Education David Armenti answers questions about civil rights activism in Maryland. Originally posted June 23, 2020.

Were there pirates in the Chesapeake Bay? Is the port of Baltimore still active? What is the history of nuclear-powered ships? Digital Projects Specialist Katie Brown answers questions about American maritime history. Originally posted July 7, 2020.

Other Videos

Finding sources for your National History Day project can be challenging. The Maryland Center for History and Culture wants to make it easier. In this video, staff from MCHC will walk you through how to find, access, and utilize digital and in-person primary and secondary sources.

Alex Lothstein, Museum Learning Manager, takes you on a virtual tour of the Maryland Center for History and Culture’s exhibition ‘In Full Glory Reflected: Maryland During the War of 1812’.

Spring 2020 Education Intern Chloe Greene teaches the history of Carr’s Beach. At the end, she takes you through a fun, beach-related craft activity.

Learn how to start your own victory garden inspired by the victory gardens of World War II.

An Education Department staff member shares the importance of the oyster to the history of Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay.

Learn about the journey of the Ark and the Dove and the colonists who came to Maryland in 1634.

Explore the ways butter has been made throughout history. Follow Chelsea as she travels from the colonial era, to the 1890s, and finally to modern times, learning about the different tools that have been used to make butter.