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Virtual Field Trips

Bring history to life anywhere! The Maryland Center for History and Culture offers live, interactive, and fun Virtual Field Trips for students of all ages and grades, as well as adult learners. By exploring and discussing original historical evidence, including documents, images, artifacts, and audio and video clips, participants draw conclusions on compelling questions about the nation’s past.

Virtual Field Trip lessons cover the timeline of American history. From the early Native Americans to the civil rights movement, lessons use Maryland sources to tell stories of national importance. All of our lessons are designed to meet Common Core, C3, and Maryland State History standards.

How it works: A webcam, speakers, screen, and Wi-Fi connection are needed to connect with the Virtual Field Trip studio at MCHC. Webcams and speakers are available to rent. The cost is $30 for the equipment to be mailed, or $10 for it to be picked up at MCHC.

Questions? Contact Tyler Osborne, Digital Learning Manager, at 410-685-3750, ext. 378, or email

Support for VFTs is generously provided by the Charles T. Bauer Charitable Foundation.

Virtual Field Trips: K-12

View a list of Virtual Field Trip offerings for students and schedule a VFT for your class.


Virtual Field Trips: Adults

View a list of Virtual Field Trip offerings for adult learners and schedule a VFT for groups of at least 10 people.