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Mr. Dubas Neighborhood part 1

Here's a new series for your enjoyment… “Mr. Dubas' Neighborhood”


MC9235-A, 929 N. Bradford Street, exterior. Photograph by John Dubas.

In it, we'll explore some Baltimoreans and their neighborhoods as captured by the lens of Vienna-born, Baltimore, Maryland-based photographer John Dubas (1889-1976).

We were invited by friends this week to tour the recently renamed Station East neighborhood (a.k.a. Middle East or Milton-Montford or more broadly the East Monument Historic District). Specifically, we were invited to see the former home of MdHS top-ten favorite photographer Dubas and his family. Stay tuned for more on Dubas' rowhouse, but for now check out these images of Sophie Klima's grocery store from December 1907. The grocery was located just a few doors down from the Dubas residence on North Bradford Street.


MC9235-B, 929 N. Bradford Street, interior. Photograph by John Dubas.

Sophie Klima is seen here with family and friends in front of 929 N. Bradford Street. Notice that the neighbors in this mostly Bohemian enclave had not yet replaced their wooden steps with the now iconic marble steps Baltimoreans are accustomed to.



MC9235-A detail. A detail of Klimer's grocery at the corner of North Bradford and East Eager streets.

And here's the store today.



Photo by Joe Tropea. June 21, 2018.