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Publications Committee

The Publications Committee at the Maryland Center for History and Culture is a group of volunteer experts, specialists, and publishers in Maryland and US history who serve as an advising body for our organization’s program of publications. Publication decisions for the Maryland Historical Magazine and MCHC’s book publishing program are made by MCHC’s Publications staff in collaboration with the Publications Committee.

The Publications Committee ensures that the publishing program of MCHC is a significant voice for our state’s history by assisting in the acquisition and evaluation of content that can be widely distributed to readers in print and, as warranted, electronic format.

Publications Committee Members

Charles W. Mitchell, Chair
John S. Bainbridge
Jean H. Baker
Robert J. Brugger
Suzanne E. Chapelle
Elizabeth Kelly Gray
Peter B. Levy
Edward C. Papenfuse
Lawrence A. Peskin
Jean B. Russo
Rob W. Schoeberlein
David Taft Terry