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Rat Fishing in East Baltimore: Photos by Joseph Kohl

In honor of Theo Anthony’s amazing documentary ending its 5-week run at the Parkway Theater, we offer this remembrance of the events that (in part) inspired Rat Film.

pp284_box8_f2_rat_fishing.jpgBob Lebew waits for a bite rat fishing in East Baltimore

Photo: Joseph Kohl, c.1994

8 x 10 inch black and white print

Box 8, Folder 2., PP284 Joseph Kohl Photograph Collection

Beginning in 1993 the now-defunct Yellow Rose (2511 East Fayette Street) in East Baltimore held annual rat fishing tournaments with a sports league known as B.A.R.F. (Baltimore Area Rat Fishing).

B.A.R.F. sold $3 fishing licenses from the barJoe Kohl was there to capture the titans of the sport. He was also on the scene when P.E.T.A. sent in its forces.


Untitled. [Reporter Jamie Costello with Bob Lebow and P.E.T.A. protestors demonstrating against rat fishing]

Photo: Joseph Kohl, c. 1994

8 x 10 inch black and white print

Box 8, Folder 4, PP284 Joseph Kohl Photograph Collection

Easter egg: Check out Joe Kohl in the refection of the door of the Yellow Rose!


Detail Box 8, Folder 4, PP284 


Untitled. [Rats Have Rights]

Photo: Joseph Kohl, c.1994

8 x 10 inch black and white print

Box 8, Folder 1,PP284. Joseph Kohl Photograph Collection

The establishment now at 2511 E. Fayette, the S.O.S. Bar and Lounge, has a loving yellow rose mural painted on its facade. More info in the links below, but be sure to catch Rat Film before it leaves the Parkway.


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