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Alexandroffsky schottisch composed and respectfully dedicated to Mrs. Thomas Winans by James M. Deems


Sheet music cover of the work "Alexandroffsky Schottisch," the tune for a partnered country dance composed by James M. Deems and dedicated to Mrs. Thomas Winans (née Celeste Louise Revillon). The cover depicts "Alexandroffsky," the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Winans. It was located at 838 Hollins Street in West Baltimore on a tract bounded by Fremont Avenue and Baltimore, Hollis, and Callender streets. Thomas Winans accumulated a large fortune constructing the first railroads in Russia. When he returned to his West Baltimore home, he transformed it into the magnificent and exotic mansion known as Alexandroffsky. The home was surrounded by tall trees and gardens ornamented with replicas of classical statues. In this view of the carriage entrance, the steps are guarded by stone lions. When torn down in 1927, Alexandroffsky had been a landmark for nearly a century, and the area eventually was occupied by row houses and commercial establishments.



circa 1858

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Composer: James M. Deems


G. Willig, Jr


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16 x 20 inches (13.8 x 22.7 cm)

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