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Silk, paint, and fringe flag of "The Juvenile Corps" of Easton, Maryland, 1814, painted by Sarah Hollyday Chamberlaine Kerr (Mrs. John Leeds Kerr) (1781-1820). The Juvenile Corps were a company of Maryland Militia from Easton, Maryland. John Leeds Kerr (1780-1844) was a graduate of St. Johns College in Annapolis, practiced law in Easton, and commanded a company during the War of 1812. Kerr was later a Congressman in the U.S House of Representatives (1825-1829, 1831-1833) and later served as a U.S. Senator for the Whig party (1841-1843). "Pro aris et focis" is a common motto for military regiments. It translates to "for alters and hearths" or "for God and country."




Silk, paint, fringe


22 x 32 inches

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Gift of Kenneth C. Kerr

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Digital resource provided by the Maryland Center for History and Culture


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