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Benedict Calvert


Oil on canvas portrait painting of "Benedict Calvert" (1679-1715), ca. 1755, by John Wollaston. Benedict Leonard Calvert (1679-1715), 4th Baron of Baltimore, was an English nobleman. At the age of five, he became 10th Proprietary Governor of Maryland and the administrative duties fell to Henry Darnall (1645-1711). Calvert was Catholic, and following the "Glorious Revolution" in 1688, his reign was outlawed by the new Protestant regime in England. He spent the rest of his life attempting to restore control over Maryland. Shortly after his death in 1715, the King restored control of Maryland to his fifteen year old son Charles Calvert, 5th Baron Baltimore (1699-1751).


circa 1755


Oil on canvas


48 x 52 inches

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Gift of Capt. Richard Creigh MacKubin Calvert III and George Davis Calvert

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