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Copy of architect’s drawing of the original house at Homeland


A copy of a 1917 drawing by architect Howard Sill of the south front of the first Homeland residence. This home was eventually demolished in 1839 and replaced by a larger, more modern one. The Homeland estate was situated in what is now known as the Homeland neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. Full transcription: Original house at "Homeland." Build in 17-- Taken down in 1839. Situated on the site of the present house. The home of William Buchanan of Geo. (1747-1824) He married second in 1799 Hepzibah (Brown) Perine (1770-1832) This drawing was made from a detailed description of the house, given to me in 1917 by Ann C. Perine, who was born in 1819, and is I believe substantially correct. Washington Perine.


circa 1984


Contributor(s) Notes

Artist: Howard Sill

Production Note

The original drawing was made in 1917, and the photograph of the drawing was taken sometime between 1917-1944. A modern print from this photograph was made in the 1980s, and is what was digitized to create this resource.


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8 x 10 inches

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1 print

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Digital resource provided by the Maryland Center for History and Culture


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