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Eliza Burd Peale and Son, Charles Willson


Portrait of Eliza Burd Patterson Peale (Mrs. Rubens Peale, 1794-1864) and son, Charles Willson Peale, Jr. (1821-1864). Eliza Peale is pictured with black curly hair, wearing a black dress with a sheer white lace jabot and a white paisley shawl wrapped around her arms. The child has light brown hair and sits on his mother's lap wearing a red off-shoulder dress. Their hands meet at the bottom of the composition holding a small book. Rubens Peale is the son of the famous Charles Willson Peale, but unlike so many members of his family, did not paint portraits. Potentially due to weak eyesight, he did not paint until late in life and then only landscape. This portrait was done by his cousin, Sarah Miriam Peale (1800-1885), who is considered to be the first successful American woman artist.




Oil on canvas


30 H x 23 W inches

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Baltimore City Life Museum Collection

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