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Group portrait of the Keysers and Perines at Homeland estate


Group portrait of Henry Irvine Keyser and his wife Mary Ann Keyser (née Washington), the sister of Eliza Ridgely Beall Washington Perine, on the front steps of the Homeland estate with members of the Perine family. The estate was located in what is now known as the Homeland neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. Full transcription: On the steps at "Homeland" Mr. E. Glenn Perine. (sitting) Mrs. H. Irvine Keyser. Mr. H. Irvine Keyser. Mrs. E. Glenn Perine. standing Eleanor Perine. Mildred Perine. Washington Perine. George C. Perine. Sitting - Annie Perine. Eliza Washington Perine. 1897 -






8 x 6 inches (11 x 8 mounted)


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