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Kate Hooper


The clipper ship "Kate Hooper" is pictured in full sail with several men on board, a white figurehead, a black hull and rod, and gold trim. A city and many vessels including a Chinese ship are visible in the background. The Kate Hooper was built in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1853, and sailed for the mercantile firm James A. Hooper and Sons. On December 29, 1862, following a cargo transit from Hong Kong to Melbourne, Australia, a ship's steward lit the ship on fire while the "Kate Hooper" was at dock, before jumping overboard and committing suicide. The ship and all but a small portion of the vessel's cargo was destroyed.



circa 1853-1862


Oil on canvas


23 H x 40 W inches

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Attributed to an unknown Chinese artist. The donor was a great-granddaughter of the ship's captain: John Johnson.

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Gift of Dr. John Hoag

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