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Portrait of Arthur Rich and three friends


Daguerreotype portrait of Arthur John Rich (1829-1893) and three friends. Rich was a Baltimore clergyman in Reisterstown, and in 1856 he married Fannie K. Miller (1828-1915). Their children were: Arthur Armstrong (1857-1938); Edward Norris (1858-1951), married Louise Baldwin; Mary Rebecca (1860-1861); Alexander Miller (1862-1950), married first Ellen McRoberts and second Elizabeth Farmer; Frank Rogers (1864-1956), married Margaret Falls; Charles Schroeder (1867-1950), married Elizabeth Gillingham; Fannie Miller (1869-1967), married Edward Wyatt; George Herbert (1871-1934), married Ann Lamont; Louisa Larmour (1872-1959), married Charles Alnutt; Virginia Wiltbank (1874-1965), married B. Latrobe Weston; Ernest Albert (1876-1940); Emily (1878-1962); and Alice Maud (1879-1957), married Frank Duane DuBarry.



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3 5/8 x 4 5/8 inches

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CSPH 308

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