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Portrait of Henry Keerl


Daguerreotype portrait of Baltimore physician and apothecary Henry Keerl (1755-1827) from a painting by Sarah Miriam Peale. Born in Bavaria, Keerl arrived in Maryland in the early 1780s. In 1784, he married Anna Maria "Polly" Myers (1763-1799). The couple were parents to: John C. (1785-1851); John Samuel (1788-1853); George Henry (1790-1852), married Susannah Mundell; Joshua Sigmund (1793-1828), married Eleanor Priscilla Mundell; Elizabeth (1796-1797); and William (1799-). Keerl married his second wife, Margaretta Kondall (1775-1866) of Frederick County, Maryland in 1803. They were parents to: William (1804-1857), married Ellen Douglass; Charles (1807-1886), married Lydia Barr; and Amelia Hennetta (1810-1832), married Dr. Robert Fulton.



circa 1850

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Photographer: unknown; Artist: Sarah Miriam Peale

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CSPH 656


1 cased photograph

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