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Portrait of John Francis Hamtramck


Daguerreotype portrait of John Francis Hamtramck (1798-1858), a United States Army officer who served during the Mexican-American War. He was the son of Rebecca McKenzie (1776-1851) and Captain John Francis Hamtramck (1758-1803), a soldier of the American Revolution and Northwest Indian Wars. Hamtramck was married three times. His first wife was Mary Antoinette Williamson, whom he married in 1821 and died the following year. In 1825, he married Eliza Clagett Selby (1805-1839), daughter of Walter Bowie Selby of Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The couple were parents to Florence (1836-1918); and Eliza (1839-1922). After Eliza's death, Hamtramck married her younger sister, Sarah Ellen Selby (1812-1889), with whom he had a son, Selby McKenzie (1842-1862). Selby M. Hamtramck, a Confederate soldier, died a prisoner in Fort Delaware.




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3 3/8 in x 4 11/16 inches

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CSPH 191


1 cased photograph

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