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Portraits of Frisby Tilghman and Susan Hollyday


Daguerreotype portrait of Frisby Tilghman (1773-1847) and Susanna Steuart Tilghman Hollyday (1770-1847), the children of James Tilghman (1743-1809) and his wife, Susanna Steuart. James Tilghman had served as a judge on the Maryland Court of Appeals and was the state's first Attorney General. Frisby Tilghman was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Maryland Dragoons during the War of 1812, and fought in the Battles of Bladensburg and North Point in 1814. Tilghman and his family lived at his estate, "Rockland", in Washington County, where he enslaved a number of people and was noted for his cruelty. In 1795, Frisby married Anna Maria Ringgold (1771-1817), and the couple had a number of children, including: Mary (1796-1896); George (1797-1831); Thomas Edward (1800-1896); Susan Ann (1801-1880); Frisby (1807-1853); and Ann Cheston (1810-1834). He married his second wife, Louisa Lamar (1789-1843), in 1819, and the couple had two more children: Louisa Lamar (1820-1901) and Sarah Lamar (1827; died in infancy). Susanna Steuart Tilghman married James Hollyday (1857-1807) of Kent County, Maryland, in 1791. The couple were parents to: James (1792-1839); Anna Maria Chew (1796-1823), married Arthur Tilghman Jones; Henry (1798-1865), married Anna Maria Hollyday; George Steuart (1799-1870), married Caroline Mcarvill; Frisby (1801-1821); William (1804-1868), married first Ann Cheston Tilghman and second Louisa Lamar Tilghman; and Richard Tilghman (1806-1875), married Susan Regan.



circa 1850


3 1/8 x 3 9/16 inches

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CSPH 170


1 cased photograph

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