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Revolver; Bayonet, Triangular


Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver and Model 1855 Socket Bayonet used during the Pratt Street Riot, Baltimore, Maryland, April 19, 1861. The revolver was manufactured in 1860 and purchased by the Baltimore City Police Department. This revolver was carried by a police officer under the command of Police Marshall George P. Kane, during the Pratt Street Riot; considered the first bloodshed of the Civil War. The bayonet, affixed to a .58 caliber rifled musket, was carried by Sergeant Benjamin Graham of the 6th Massachusetts Militia Regiment during the riot.


circa 1860-1861

Contributor(s) Notes

Creator (revolver): Colt; Creator (bayonet): unknown


Steel, wood (pistol); Nickel-plate over steel (bayonet)


9.75 inches (revolver)

Object ID

1988.80.4; 1961.42.1

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Credit Line

Gift of J. Dawson Reeder, Jr (revolver); Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Melvin A. Graham (bayonet)

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