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Age of the Auto: From the Baltimore City Life Museum

Automobiles are undoubtedly a huge part of American culture. From the Ford Model T, to the muscle cars of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, to futuristic concept vehicles. They've permeated pop culture and are integral to everyday life.

Gearheads always pine for the classics, but those "classics" have nothing on the collection of cars and trucks we've come across. "Age of the Auto" is our new series featuring the cool, wild, and wacky motor vehicles sprinkled throughout the photo collections at MDHS.


MC4750. Looking northeast along Park Avenue from 100 block. Baltimore. Unidentified photographer. Ca. 1930. BCLM Collection, MdHS.


MC6595. Druid Hill Park mansion. People standing on steps and automobiles parked in front of mansion. Unidentified photographer. Ca. 1923. BCLM Collection, MdHS.


MC8284-C. Looking south along Eutaw Street from Lexington Street, Baltimore. Shows automobiles, pedestrians, and the Emerson Tower in background. Photo by Blakeslee Lane. March 26, 1934. BCLM Collection, MdHS.