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Exhibition Opening May 20

Join in the celebration of MCHC’s newest exhibition – Passion and Purpose: Voices of Maryland’s Civil Rights Activists – on May 20, 6-8 pm, with food, drinks, and music.

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The Maryland Center for History and Culture is more than a Museum and Library. We provide space for discovery and developing a deeper understanding of the nation’s history and culture through the lens of Maryland.

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Passion & Purpose: Black Activism in Maryland

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Display case in the Intimate Expressions exhibition.
Current Exhibitions

Intimate Expressions

Intimate Expressions

Personal Diaries of Maryland Life—Open Through May 2022

A diary is a record of one’s most private thoughts, feelings, and view of life. It is also an important historical document, providing a very personal view of major moments in Maryland history. Located in our niche gallery outside of the library, this intimate space allows visitors to step into the minds of Marylanders, read their innermost thoughts, and see the world through their eyes. Open through May 2022.

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Historic photo of the Regent Theater.
Current Exhibitions

Flickering Treasures

Flickering Treasures

Rediscovering Baltimore’s Forgotten Movie Theaters—Open Through September 2023

In 1896, Marylanders crowded to Electric Park to see the lights and attractions, including the very first moving-picture show. Movies were magical, transporting the viewers to new places, inviting them to escape their everyday lives, marvel at a new technology, gather news, and appreciate art. Movie theaters became symbols for the worlds they were unlocking, ethereal buildings where people gathered to take a journey together through the movie screen. Open through September 2023.

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Blizzard of 1922 at Howard and Lexington Streets
Current Exhibitions

Losing Winter

Losing Winter

Open through July 2023

A frozen lake, a buried street, shoveling feet of snow as it begins to fall again—these special winter experiences serve as landmarks in our life and memory. Yet with each year, we find such moments are disappearing. At the heart of this participatory exhibition and art project are Marylanders’ memories about the winter season, collected by featured artist, Lynn Cazabon. These recollections intersect with individual lifetimes and places found in the film and photograph collection at MCHC and the UMBC Special Collections. Memories and images intertwine, providing a window into personal loss in the face of a changing climate.

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Night photo of Baltimore
Current Exhibitions

Visions of Night

Visions of Night

Baltimore Nocturnes–Opening April 29, 2022

Artists have been creating visions of nighttime for centuries. Photographers have long attempted to capture images at night, but truly successful attempts did not come to fruition or common practice until the 1930s, when technology caught up with artistic vision. Visions of Night showcases photographs taken at night in the city from the collections of the Maryland Center for History and Culture, as well as contemporary photography, including the work of Sydney J. Allen, J.M. Giordano, John Clark Mayden, Webster Phillips III, and others. This exhibition is funded by the William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund, creator of the Baker Artist Portfolios,

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Duck pin bowling ball and pin and Orioles baseball cleats.
Current Exhibitions

Discover Maryland

Discover Maryland

Open Through June 20, 2022

Who are Marylanders, why are they so obsessed with their flag, and what does duckpin bowling have to do with the Baltimore Orioles? This exhibition explores how Maryland and its people have changed since its founding in 1634. Learn how the dynamic geography of the state drove its industry, population, and the identity of Marylanders, and how the arts and culture of Maryland reflect on its past. For traveling visitors and lifelong Marylanders, Discover Maryland shows there is much to uncover about Maryland. Open through June 20 2022.

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Dedicated to preserving the irreplaceable history of Maryland

The H. Furlong Baldwin Library invites visitors to explore the records of Maryland’s past and preserves irreplaceable historical materials for future generations.

Image of Library Catalog

Library Catalog

Search for books, periodicals, pamphlets, manuscripts, maps and more.
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Digital Collections

View digitized paintings, photographs, prints, and other materials.
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Paul Robeson, photograph by Paul Henderson, 1948, HEN.00.A2-156

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Our members believe what we believe: history can illuminate the past, lend perspective to the present, and inform the future. Don’t take our word for it. Hear what they have to say.

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100+ Years of the Maryland Historical Magazine

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Image of Together Again: Reuniting the Silver Tureens of Judge George Washington Dobbin
December 17, 2021

Together Again: Reuniting the Silver Tureens of Judge George Washington Dobbin

By Harrison S. Van Waes, Director of CollectionsPost published December 17, 2021 and Updated April 14, 2022 When an individual […]

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