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Traveling Trunks

Traveling trunks from the Maryland Center for History and Culture are filled with reproduction primary source artifacts and documents. The best part? These trunks travel to your classroom for a three-week rental. The traveling trunks also include lesson plans, activity suggestions, worksheets, and audiovisuals.

Cost varies by trunk and shipping needs. The cost for teachers picking up and dropping off trunks in person at the museum is $50 per trunk.

Indigenous Peoples of the Chesapeake Traveling Trunk

Traveling Trunks Offered


Delve into the lives of early Maryland settlers. Students try on clothes, handle objects, and explore the sights and sounds of colonial life.
Grades 4-8. Cost: $200 (includes shipping both ways).

Objects in the Colonial Maryland trunk include pottery sherds, tools, game pieces, clothes, and images.


Learn about the Revolutionary War through multiple perspectives such as those of common soldiers, officers, families, community members, and others. Lessons include object-based learning, primary sources, and digital components. This trunk is eligible for a grant through the Society of Cincinnati.
Grades 4-8. Cost: $150 (includes shipping both ways).

Object in the trunks include toys and tools, clothes, eating utensils, maps, and puzzle pieces for an education game


Learn about children’s lives long ago through hands-on exploration of games, books, playthings, and pictures. Activities introduce young learners to the concept of the past and change over time.
Grades Pre-K-3. Cost: $150 (includes shipping both ways).

Objects in the Growing Up in Maryland trunk include toys, clothes, photos, and books

Indigenous peoples of the chesapeake

Investigate the lives of the Indigenous Peoples of the Chesapeake with this rich collection of replica artifacts, clothing, and images.
Grades Pre-K-5. Cost: $150 (includes shipping both ways).

Objects in the Indigenous Peoples of the Chesapeake trunk  include maps, clothes, and tools


Explore the lives of the citizens of Maryland during the Civil War. Students will interact with photographs, objects, and documents to understand the roles of soldiers, women, and African Americans in a divided society.
Grades 4-8. Cost: $200 (includes shipping both ways).

Objects in the Civil War trunk include books, uniforms, and replica objects from soldiers' daily lives

Please Note

Requests for the 2023-2024 school year have closed. Requests for the 2024-2025 school year are now open.

MCHC provides many grants to help make our programs accessible. Visit our Grant Funding page to learn more.

For trunks shipped out of the state of Maryland, there may be an extra cost if the base rental fee does not cover the shipping cost.

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Call 410-685-3750, ext. 334; email; or read our Traveling Trunks Usage Guidelines.

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