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Group Tours

Interested in a group tour at the Maryland Center for History and Culture? Guided tours are available by appointment Wednesday through Saturday, between 10 AM and 3 PM. Masks are strongly encouraged.

Current Tour Offerings

A member of the museum staff gives a tour of The Unfinished Revolution exhibition.

The Unfinished Revolution exhibition tour

The American Revolutionary War was just the beginning. While sometimes called the American War of Independence, the effort to become a free and independent nation could not be so tidily confined. This guided experience of The Unfinished Revolution: Maryland in the Wars for Independence explores the chaos, confusion, and conflicts of the early United States as it fought to defend its newly attained freedoms.


Audience: high school to adults
Capacity: 10-20 people
Cost: $150 per group (members get a 20% discount)
Length: 60 minutes

Claire/McCardell exhibition tour

Born and raised in Frederick, Maryland, Claire McCardell revolutionized women’s fashion in the mid-20thcentury. Explore stories and artifacts about “Claire,” a reserved introvert with a strong love of family, and “McCardell,” the dynamic, confident, and strong-willed businesswoman. This guided experience of Claire/McCardell delves into the designer’s personal and professional lives.


Audience: high school to adult
Capacity: 5-15 people
Cost: $100 per group (members get a 20% discount)
Length: 30-45 minutes

Book a Tour

For more information on reservations, cancellations, and payment, see our Group Tour Policies. Tours should ideally be requested at least two weeks in advance.


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