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Our History. Our Moment. Our Future.

The Maryland Center for History and Culture (MCHC) is the premier source for Maryland history, art, and culture with a renowned collection of artifacts, documents, and items. The MCHC collection has endured and grown since 1844, making us the oldest continually operating cultural institution in the state. MCHC reflects not only the story of Maryland, but also the story of the United States.

A Compelling New Vision for MCHC

As the custodians of these stories and so many more yet to be told, we want to preserve the time-honored narrative of Maryland history, while writing an inspiring new story for the future of our organization. To achieve this vision, our newly-developed Strategic Plan follows three key tenets. As we approach our 200th year, we recognize that balance between education, access, and sustainability is crucial to moving MCHC forward.

Key Goals of the 2023-2028 Strategic Plan

Fostering Community and Increasing accessibility

We will be intentional in developing a welcoming and dynamic environment on campus, as well as creating programs and resources that are relevant, responsive, and useful for a broad range of audiences. Partnerships, visibility, and responsiveness are integral to this goal.

Primary Components:

  • Increase engagement with Maryland history;
  • Nurture a vibrant and welcoming campus;
  • Grow authentic partnerships;
  • Build our profile and cultural currency.

Preserving Maryland’s History and Encouraging Dialogue

MCHC collects, preserves and interprets the largest and most comprehensive collection of Maryland state history and culture. We will be proactive and innovative in our approach to ensure that these and future objects are preserved for generations to come, encouraging dialogue within our many audiences today.

Primary Components:

  • Enhance collections care and access;
  • Foster dialogue through collections and research;
  • Improve security.

Building Capacity and a Resilient Financial Model

Achieving financial sustainability is key to realizing the ambitions outlined in this strategic plan. We will seek out opportunities for efficiency and partnerships while implementing new earned income, fundraising, and public support strategies.

Primary Components:

  • Grow and enhance revenue streams;
  • Refine budget and implement strategic spending;
  • Strengthen organizational culture.

Charting a course for the future, the 2023-2028 Strategic Plan provides a roadmap for a sustainable MCHC that is a conduit for Community, Authenticity, Dialogue, and Discovery in Maryland and beyond.

Katie Caljean, MCHC President and CEO