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FSK from Home—Poetry in Stone: Horatio Greenough’s Medora and Baltimorean Robert Gilmor Jr.’s Role in the Rise of an American School of Sculpture with Lance Humphries, PhD

In 1828 Baltimore art patron and collector Robert Gilmor Jr. (1774–1848) met the young American sculptor Horatio Greenough in Washington, DC. Inviting Greenough to Baltimore, Gilmor commissioned a bust of his wife Sarah R. L. Gilmor, and soon thereafter funded Greenough’s return to Italy to continue his artistic training, commissioning the first ideal sculpture in American art history—Medora—depicting a character from a tale by Lord Byron.

Join historian Lance Humphries, PhD as he discusses the newly loaned sculpture on view at MCHC and its importance as the finest sculpture of the era in North America. Joining Lance will be, Mark B. Letzer, Executive Chairman. Together Lance and Mark will discuss Gilmore’s involvement in the creation of an American form of art and his role in fostering the careers of artists like Horatio Greenbough who could depict historic heroes on canvas and in stone.

This virtual program is free and open to all audiences. Registration is required. After registering, an automated confirmation email will provide connection instructions.

Image: Medora, Horatio Greenough (1805–1852), 1832. On loan from the Mayor and City of Baltimore, L2021.9



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