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Meet Our 2019 Fashion Archives Interns!

Annual Meeting
2019 Fashion Archives interning posing with mannequins displayed for the Maryland Historical Society’s annual meeting. 

Our 2019 Fashion Archives interns have officially begun working at the Maryland Historical Society! Along with continuing the rehousing project for our costume collection, our three interns will also assist in the installation of the Spectrum of Fashion exhibit, opening October 5. Look forward to their weekly blog posts!

Vivien Vivien Barnett recently graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Conservation and Art History with a minor in Museum Studies, and will return to UD in the Fall to complete her Master of Arts in Art History for Museum Professionals. She has previously worked at Winterthur Library, Museum & Gardens in the Registration and Conservation departments, most recently mounting costumes for the museum’s current exhibition Costuming THE CROWN. Her interest in textiles was inspired by her lifelong hobby of crocheting, and she is interested in working with 19th century costumes. Vivien has also completed internships in textile, paintings, and natural history conservation, as well as a summer research project focused on studying natural dye degradation. In the future, she would like to pursue a degree in textile conservation at the graduate level.
AnnaLivia AnnaLivia McCarthy graduated from the University of Delaware in 2019 with BA degrees in Art Conservation and Art History. Her appreciation for textile construction led her to research contemporary practices in the conservation and restoration of pile rugs as part of her undergraduate thesis. She is particularly interested in how conservators choose to balance compensation of visual loss and structural stabilization as part of conservation treatment. At MdHS this summer, she hopes to continue to explore the complexity of textile construction and history through adventures in the Fashion Archives.
Emily Like Claire McCardell, Emily McCort is also a native of Frederick, MD. Emily received her bachelor’s degree in Theatre Design and Production with a concentration in Costume Design from Towson University. When Emily isn’t working with historic textiles she can be found doing 20 second quick changes backstage at Washington D.C.’s leading regional theatres as a dresser.