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Charles Calvert II, 5th Lord Baltimore


This full-length portrait features Charles Calvert II (1699-1751), the Fifth Lord Baron of Baltimore, who assumed this title at the age of 16. He wears a long powdered wig, a blue frock coat with gold details, and white stockings underneath his blue and gold breeches. Lord Calvert stands with his right arm holding a baton pointing across his body to the left, but his gaze remains outward at the viewer. A quiver of arrows sits on the ground next to Lord Calvert's black buckled shoes. An American Indian is seen in the obscured in the background, possibly symbolizing his role in the Iroquois nation giving up all claims to land in Maryland in 1744.




Oil on canvas


94 H x 57.75 W inches

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Baltimore City Life Collection, Gift of the Louis and Henrietta Blaustein Foundation in memory of Henry A. Rosenburg

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