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Children of Commodore John Daniel Danels


This group portrait shows the five children of Commodore John Daniel Danels (1782-1855). At left, a boy stands wearing brown skeleton suit. John Danels is seen in center wearing green jacket while at right, Lewis Danels is seated, wearing a brown skeleton suit. Eugenia Danels, seen on the stool, wears a salmon dress. Two enslaved African-American boys are seen in this image. One lays on the floor in front of the group with his back to the viewer, holding what appears to be a bowl of soap for the bubbles, while the other boy, cast in shadow, peers into the room from behind a door in the background.


circa 1826


Oil on canvas

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Attributed to Robert Street (1796-1865). Because the painting is unsigned, it was at different times this painting attributed to Rembrandt Peale (1778-1860) and Sarah Miriam Peale (1800-1885). In 1822, Street held a studio space in Rembrandt Peale's Museum on Holliday Street in Baltimore, Maryland, where he painted a portrait of Commodore John Daniel Danels (1782-1855).

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Gift of Elinor Douglas Wise de Richelieu

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