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Thomas Mifflin


Oil on canvas portrait painting of "Thomas Mifflin" (1744-1800), ca. 1795, by Rembrandt Peale and Raphaelle Peale after Charles Willson Peale. Mifflin was born in Philadelphia, attended the University of Pennsylvania, and became a successful merchant at a young age. Before the American Revolution, he became involved in politics and served as a member of the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly (1772-1776). Mifflin also served in the Continental Congress (1774-1775 ). When the Revolutionary War began, he joined the Continental Army with the rank of major and served as aide-de-camp to General George Washington (1732-1799) before his appointment to Quartermaster General. Mifflin served in numerous engagements, including the Battles of Trenton (1776) and Princeton (1777), which led to his promotion of major general. After the war, he served a second term in the Continental Congress (1782-1784), as Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (1785-1787), as President of the Pennsylvania Supreme Executive Council (1788-1790), was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention (1787), and was one of the signers of the U.S. Constitution. Mifflin then served as the First Governor of Pennsylvania (1790-1799). He is buried at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


circa 1795

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Artist: Rembrandt Peale, Raphaelle Peale; Originator: Charles Willson Peale (1784)


Oil on canvas


23 x 19 inches

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This portrait was purchased from the Peale Museum in Baltimore by Maryland landscape painter Charles S. Getz (1822-1908), who sold it to the Maryland Historical Society in 1857.

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