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Warwick Iron Furnace, Chester County, PA


Watercolor on paper drawing of "Warwick Iron Furnace, Chester County, PA", May 6, 1803, from the Latrobe Sketchbooks, by Benjamin Henry Latrobe. This scene captures the Warwick Iron Furnace, which was established by Pennsylvania Quaker Anna Rutter Nutt (1686-1760). She built the furnace in 1737, following the death of her husband who left instructions to do so in his will. The furnace produced pig iron as well as finished products like kettles, stoves, and andirons. During the Revolutionary War, the furnace produced cannons and other supplies for the Continental Army. By the time of Latrobe's visit in 1803, the operation had passed to the Potts family, who continued the business until it was shut down in 1867.




Watercolor on paper


13 x 8 inches

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Sketchbook 6

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