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Welcome to Baltimore!


A printed address from a committee of citizens in Baltimore, Maryland, who were loyal to the Union during the American Civil War. This address was distributed to passing regiments to express their sympathy and solidarity with the North, especially after the Baltimore riot of 1861.

Full transcription:
1776. United States of America. 1861. / Welcome to Baltimore! / Soldiers, we welcome you to this city as men who are willing to defend the best Government on earth in the hour of its greatest need. We do not view you as barbarians whose only idea is hatred of the southern people, whose only intentions are to commit shameful crimes in violation of all law, as is charged upon you by the leaders of the Rebellion. We believe you to be actuated by a noble and honest patriotism, desiring only to preserve unimpaired the National Union. With this understanding, we wish you success and ask God's blessing upon your bodies and souls during your perilous marches. May we again behold this nation united and prosperous under one government and one flag. / From the Loyal Citizens of Baltimore






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