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An architectural drawing of a home in Baltimore's Guilford neighborhood.
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Architectural Drawings

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Get a new perspective on some of Maryland’s most important buildings. The H. Furlong Baldwin Library’s collection includes more than 1,200 drawings, blueprints, plans and renderings of buildings, architecture, furniture and other structures, from our own Maryland Center for History and Culture campus and the Athenaeum to the Baltimore Court House and residential rowhouse plans.


Images: Maryland Institute, drawing by Simonson and Pietsch Architects, undated, MA4055-7; Study for entrance development to Guilford (inset), 1912, MC5891-78, both items from the Baltimore City Life Museum Collection

What's in the Collection

Some of Maryland’s most notable artists and architects are part of our collection, including Wyatt & Nolting, Niernsee & Neilson, Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Henry Powell Hopkins, Lawrence Hall Fowler, Thomas Machen, Mottu & White, Josias Pennington, Smith & May, Maximilian Godefroy, Edward H. Glidden, G. Van Bibber, Ayers/Meyer, A. Hoen & Co., George H. Dashiells, Laurence Ewald, Robert Carey Long, and R. McGill Mackall. The collection also encompasses items from the Baltimore City Life Museum collection, as well as materials acquired directly by MCHC.

The drawings housed at the H. Furlong Baldwin Library constitute only a portion of the entire Architectural Drawings Collection, with the bulk of the materials on loan to the Baltimore City Archives. An inventory can be accessed through the Baltimore City Archives website. Patrons interested in viewing any of these materials can contact the Baltimore City Archives to arrange an appointment.

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