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Katie Caljean, President and CEO

Katie Caljean

Katie Caljean was named President & CEO in 2022. She has served as Senior Vice President of Education & Strategic Engagement and in various roles over the course of ten years. Katie has led some of the Museum and Library’s most successful initiatives, including the development of new virtual learning studios. She has served in many capacities, from organizing fundraising events to strategic planning. With Education as her focus, she has overseen multiple departments, including K-12 education, university-level programs, youth and family programs, adult tours, virtual public programs, community outreach, strategic partnerships, and academic publications.

Originally from northern New Jersey, Katie holds a B.A. in Anthropology with minors in Archaeology and Arts Administration from Drew University and a M.A. in Museum Anthropology from Columbia University, a joint graduate program with the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. With a passion for pre-Columbian ceramics and material culture, she has conducted archaeological fieldwork and ecotourism projects in coastal and highland Ecuador, Peru, Wyoming, and Arizona. Katie is a creative problem-solver who loves puzzles, board games, and yoga

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