Aspect Ratio

Devil in the Details: Woodbourne Ave

September 7th 2018

When looking at a photo with a wide view and distant subjects, it's easy to dismiss the image as boring and pass it by without a second glance. But you should always take a closer look because sometimes you'll find a real gem.


But Is It Art?: This could be your next album cover

August 24th 2018

We don’t know how the Red House Painters or Dinosaur Jr. resisted the urge to use this beauty of a Bodine for an album cover. We suppose there’s still time, but while they snooze away get in touch if you think this should be your next album cover.


Call for entries: Maryland on Film V

August 3rd 2018

Call for short films:


Career Day: Working Women of the 1940s

July 27th 2018

In honor of the recent loss of Mary Ellis, one of the last remaining female pilots of World War II, we wanted to feature some photos exhibiting other ways women kept the world moving forward in wartime.


They Live By Night: Happy 4th of July!

July 2nd 2018

Fireworks from 104 years ago...


Mr. Dubas Neighborhood part 1

June 22nd 2018

Here's a new series for your enjoyment... "Mr. Dubas' Neighborhood"


Career Day: The Catonsville Nine

May 17th 2018

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Catonsville Nine. While we don't like to single out one member of the group above any other, it's important to remember that the priesthood is a vocation. Hence, A. Aubrey Bodine's photograph of Fr. Philip Berrigan taken in 1967. This shot was taken…


Age of the Auto: Firetrucks

March 30th 2018

Fires have been a hazard to society since society formed. People learned early on there needed to be a system to put out fires before they destroyed everything around them. This week we focus on a couple iterations of fire trucks, including a truck from the Kent Island Volunteer Fire…


Photo by Richard Childress

March 23rd 2018

In honor of Women's History Month... Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer photographed in Baltimore by Sun photographer Dick Childress.


They Live By Night: Familiar Places (Baltimore)

March 16th 2018

Today we revisit our series of night photography to appreciate some familiar locations, at least for our Baltimore-based viewers. But even if you've never been to these places, you'll find that each of these photos exudes a different type of beauty and atmosphere.


Career Day: Photo by Henderson

February 23rd 2018

In this week's addition to Career Day, we get a glimpse into the office life of Morgan State College, where we see everyday men and women at work. This film negative from the Paul Henderson Collection has suffered some damage due to past storage or development issues, but when dealing…


Career Day: Photos by Henderson

February 16th 2018

You may remember having Career Day in school growing up, a day where adults come into your classroom and talk about their line of work. There are countless types of jobs from manufacturing to paper pushing to directing traffic from a barrel on the side of the road (just wait…


Photo by Paul Henderson

February 9th 2018

HEN.03.03-063 Group portrait. Photograph by Paul Henderson, c.1951. Paul Henderson Photograph Collection, MdHS.As we continue our work in digitizing the approximately 7,000 negatives and prints by the late AFRO American newspaper photographer Paul Henderson, we often find images that stop us dead in our tracks. Here's one with subjects in…


Age of the Auto: Photo by Paul Henderson

January 26th 2018

  Look at these classic autos parked near Frederick Douglass High School in the 1950s.


Age of the Auto: From the Baltimore City Life Museum

January 19th 2018

Automobiles are undoubtedly a huge part of American culture. From the Ford Model T, to the muscle cars of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, to futuristic concept vehicles. They've permeated pop culture and are integral to everyday life.