A Major Booster Event for Baltimore

September 29th 2022

Post published September 29, 2022 One hundred eight years ago this fall, the city of Baltimore played host to the…


A "Triumphal" and "Monster" Parade: The June 1912 Baltimore Suffrage Parade

June 29th 2021

One hundred nine years ago this month, Maryland suffragists took to the Baltimore streets in a momentous march for women’s…


Baltimore’s Pursuit of Fair Housing: A Brief History

April 28th 2021

In this blog post Baltimore’s history of housing discrimination and the pursuit of fair housing is examined.


The Victory Window: Hutzler’s Patriotism on Full Display

February 2nd 2021

In this blog post, Library Associate Micah Connor delves into the latest window theme for the Hutzler’s Experience exhibition at…


Something Old, Something New

September 16th 2020

In this post, France-Merrick Director of the H. Furlong Baldwin Library Catherine Mayfield provides an update on happenings behind the…


Letters from the Homefront: From Student to EMT

June 18th 2020

A student from Baltimore speaks about becoming an EMT just as the pandemic hit.


Letters from the Homefront: ‘Isolation or Desolation?’

June 12th 2020

A husband from Towson sheds some light on being quarantined with a loved one.


Letters from the Homefront: Loss and Grieving

June 10th 2020

A contributor from White Marsh shares insight on losing a loved one and how we celebrate life.


Letters from the Homefront: Love in the Time of Covid-19

June 8th 2020

Life's special moments continue to play out. A contributor from Baltimore's wedding plans move forward but the big day includes some big changes.


Business Unusual for Live Music

June 5th 2020

The live music industry, like most other industries, is having to find ways to adapt to the present circumstances.


Letters from the Homefront: ‘Pandemic Report from Williamsport, MD’

June 4th 2020

A contributor from Williamsport illustrates the uncertainty of businesses shutting down.


Business Unusual for Graduates

June 3rd 2020

Grounds and facilities that would have hosted events are closed, so the Class of 2020 finds a more creative way to announce their graduation..


Letters from the Homefront: ‘Waiting 2020′

June 1st 2020

A contributor from Woodbine expresses the frustration of the Stay At Home order through a poem.


Mental Health Awareness Month: A Focus on Occupation

May 29th 2020

Guest contributor, Lisa Illum, explores Dr. William Rush Dunton’s path to establishing occupational therapy in Maryland, and how his founding principles apply to life during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Business Unusual in Montgomery County

May 28th 2020

Contributor Jay Herson provides photos of businesses that are still closed in Montgomery County.